Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Can I Join Film Making Visual Effects course after 12th?

Yes! Joining course after 12th any site student Art, Commerce and Since. This program has been designed to deal with Film making by using Live Action, 3D Animation & Visual Effects. The first module deals with Fundamentals of Art, Design & Composition. The student then understands the basics of Photography and Film making. The second module covers CG Assets & Characters, Rigging & Animation that is required for a VFX film. The third module deals with Dynamics & Tracking. The fourth module combines CG with live action footage using timelines and a node-based compositing software. At the end of the program, the student develops a Visual Effects short film using Live Action & CG.

The emerging student will have a complete understanding of the different modules of VFX, which will help in building him/her a bright career. The VFX Certificate holder will be capable of delivering outstanding VFX shots due to his / her extensive knowledge in areas like Live Action shooting, 3D Animation, Advanced Dynamics, Tracking & Compositing etc.
Fundamentals of Art, Design & Film Making-: Fundamentals of Art & Design, Perspective, Photography, Color Theory, Computer Graphics, Video & Sound Editing
3D Animation-: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation
Dynamics & Tracking-: Dynamics, Tech Animation, Tracking, Stabilizing
Compositing-: Rotoscope, Color Correction, 3D Compositing (Passes), Live + Live and Live + CG Compositing, Stereoscopy, Motion Graphics

Zee Institute Of Creative Art (ZICA) animation institute Is India’s first full-fledged classical digital animation training academy, That trains youth in computer courses 3D animation, Visual Effects(VFX), Graphic DesigningWeb Designing and Web Development , Digital Marketing, Digital PhotographyAndInterior Design. ZICA Computer Institute For 2D, 3D Animation. Best computer courses to start after 12th.
ZICA gives practical training in 2D, 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Gaming courses, covering the stages of visualization, Pre-production, production and post-production. Which helps in 100% Job Placements? Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA) is the nation’s first full-fledged Classical and Digital Training Academy that trains youth in classical. Animation college in Mumbai.

Zee’ is a household name and one of the most popular entertainment brands in India. In the year 1999, ‘Zee’ was voted the ninth most popular brand by India’s leading marketing publication ‘A&M’. For over a decade, the Zee brand has been synonymous with quality TV entertainment for viewers. Many of our brands have national appeal while others are leaders in regional markets. It is our keen understanding of cultures and local ethos that allows us to anticipate viewer’s needs and delight them.
We at Zica Provide our student with an appropriate environment to develop their skill switch meet industry requirements. Our students have been placed across various levels in top most animation production companies
At ZICA we are proud to have a glorious past of placing our student in well-known Animation houses and studios. The success story of ZICA is bestowed on the success of its gifted students
.. Our Career Course
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