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6 Reasons to Choose Creative Animation as a Career in 2021

 Zee Institute of Creative Art Borivali

An Animation Institutes in Mumbai to Train you Brighter.

Holding just a degree is not good enough for Recruiters but holding a talent with a degree will take you places. Start preparing today to beat the future competition. ZICA offers you a great range of courses for students & personnel who hold a creative mindset and determined to make their careers in the Advertising, Media, and film industry. ZICA is one of those  Animation institutes in Mumbai that not only gives you the most advanced professional training in the field of Creative Animation but will place you in the laps of the Industry's best companies. What else can be a better launch for your career? At ZICA you get trained by Industry experts that help you leap at the beginning of your career. Graphic Designers, Animators & Filmmakers who are already established after years of their hard work will be training you with their Skills so that you take their Legacy and skills to the next level.

6 Reasons to Choose Creative Animation as a Career in 2021

 1. Film Animation: India is a country of stories and people love to hear them, not only just kids but adults too. The number of animation films made in India is growing day by day so does the need for creative professionals. Courses that ZICA offers are in high demand and per the data analysis report of future jobs, the trained students will be in high demand.

2. Digital Marketing: Every Brand wants to tell their stories to their customers on the internet, narrating only with words is not enough they will need graphics, videos in support. A skilled professional is paid a six-figure salary. Graphics & Visuals are the visual identities of any brand. Websites to YouTube Ads Graphics is the most important part of any advertising company.

3 GFX & VFX: Recent movies like Tanhaji. Manikarnika and Bahubali itself in Bollywood has a huge use of CGI (Computer Generated Images), GFX  & Visual Effects and without them, the movie will be incomplete or the cost of making the cinemas would have exceeded. Hollywood movies like 300, Earth, Avengers, etc are classic examples.

4 Advertising: Advertisers from YouTube to Television and Newspapers will be short of expression without Graphics professionals.

5 Gaming: The new Industry that is bound to take over the entertainment Industry is Gaming and working in a gaming company will be great in 2021. Do you love to play games on your phone? have you thought a particular game could have been graphically better? Congratulations! if you can think that way and you are reading it right now, this means Gaming can be a better career option for you and you are reading this on one of the best Animation Institutes in Mumbai website.

6. Miscellaneous: From Civil Designers to Engineers, everybody needs Graphic Experts to bring their ideas virtually before they start building.

The application of the courses is immense and yes this is these are the new age jobs waiting for creative minds to approach it.

Remember, Talent can lead you to places where degree alone can't.
After the 12th what you choose is going to decide what you will become for the rest of your life. As a human, it's our rightful duty to contribute to a field and take it to the next level. To shape the field, to shape the world after the 12th journey begins.

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